About the Hightstown Apollo Masonic Lodge, the Events We Participate in, the Charities We Support and the History of the Hightstown Apollo Lodge

Thinking About Joining?

Now is a great time to join freemasonry. If you're read our masonic articles and essays then you know some of the benefits of joining freemasonry as told by our members and other freemasons. Beyond our articles most of our members join for socializing and helping in and outside our communities with charitable endeavors. At the Hightstown Apollo Lodge we welcome all visitors at anytime. We are easy to reach by phone. Call us at (609) 448-0042 and leave a message. Someone will be sure to return your call or you can contact our masonic lodge by email. If you are thinking of joining our Lodge then please stop by and see for yourself what our lodge is about.

The Hightstown Apollo Lodge and Masonry

Freemasonry and Masons are about many things. Each man takes away and adds to Freemasonry whatever he wishes. We volunteer our time at community events, we help charitable causes, and we help each other. It's not all about business and we meet each Thursday for a bit of food, fun, and a general good time.

Some of the Events We Participate In

Our events change from time to time. These are events that we have participated in from year to year.

Some of the Charites We Support

This is not a full list and we do add to our list from time to time. We give our unofficial support to the following:

The History of the Hightstown Apollo Lodge

The date was March 19, 1856 when Charles Bennett, John Patterson, James Yard (Major), Jacob Stults, Edward C. Taylor (Colonel), William Davis and F.S. Wolf received a charter from the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of New jersey to Charter a Lodge in Hightstown. The first meeting was held in the Odd Fellows Hall on the second floor of the current Allen and Stults building at 106 North Main Street in Hightstown, NJ. These meetings were held the Friday following the full moon and we are one of the few remaining moon lodges in the United States. By holding the meetings on the Friday night following the full moon our original members were able to traverse the roads using the light of the moon. We are still a moon lodge and keep to the tradition. The original installed officers of the Lodge were Edward Crowell Taylor (WM), James S. Yard (SW), Jacob Stults (JW), J.W. Welch (SD), George A. Tator (JD), Francis F. Wolf (Tyler and Treasurer), and Charles A. Bennett (Secretary).

Free and Accepted Masons Chartered by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey

Chartered in 1856 by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, the Hightstown Apollo Lodge is one of the few remaining moon lodges. In the early years of Masonry in the USA, moon lodges were many because there was light to travel by when members were meeting at their lodges. At the Hightstown Apollo Lodge we still abide by the old traditions. We meet once a month on Friday evenings at 7:30PM and gather for friendly comraderie each Thursday evening at 7:30PM.