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hightstown-apollo lodge

Chartered in 1856 by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, the Hightstown Apollo Lodge is one of the few remaining moon lodges. In the early years of Masonry in the USA, moon lodges were many because there was light to travel by when members were meeting at their lodges. At the Hightstown Apollo Lodge we still abide by the old traditions. We meet once a month on Friday evenings at 7:30PM and gather for friendly comraderie each Thursday evening at 7:30PM.

Special Notice The Event Calendar has been updated with tentative meeting dates for 2013. These dates may change without notice.

Now Reserving Spaces - Town Wide Yard Sale
May 17 - 535 North Main Street, Hightstown Masonic Lodge

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We're Looking For Vendors, Craftpeople, and Those That Need a Visible Location

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Our Yard Sale Brochure for more information

Vendors and Craftspeople Spaces are already being resereved by vendors and craftspeople that have been reserving spaces from us year after year - Don't be left out! We have limited spaces available on a first-come first-served basis.

Reserve Your Space For The Town-Wide Yard Sale

town-wide yard sale

This is a great opportunity to get in extra early and reserve your location. With over 200 people visiting us at our yard sale it is an unprecedented opportunity for you to bring your name and your products in front of people - and sell too! Due to demand, this year we will be slotting different cost structures for 10x10 (tradeshow size) locations for the Hightstown Town-Wide Yard Sale and will depend upon what you are selling and if you are a repeat customer. Information will be forthcoming or you can contact us now for pre-sale information.

Spring Cleaners we are preparing for the town-wide yard sale in Hightstown. We are looking for items that we can sell. Take your spring cleaning and bring it to us. You do not need to be a member simply contact us and we will arrange for you to bring your items to our yard sale.

Are You Interested in Freemasonry?

We're not your typical social club. Freemasonry is not for everyone. If you think you've got what it takes to join us then contact our lodge.Here is how you can become a member. Also take a look at our Year in Review to see what kinds of events took place at our Lodge this year.

Freemason Discussions from the Masonic Education Blog

Apr 3, 2nd Degree Fellowcraft Mason

My name is Jason Ray Lusk. I am a 2nd degree Fellowcraft Mason from Beckley WV, Lodge No.95. The reason I petitioned to become a Freemason is because

Apr 3, I've Been a Mason for 4 Years

It gives me confidence in being myself...surrounded, respected, and appreciated by men (most older than myself), I get a sense of belonging to a community

Apr 3, Brand New E.A. in Texas

Hello Brothers, Just this past week, I joined Brooklyn Lodge in TX. I have to say that my heart pounded at points during my initiation ceremony, as I'm

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Some Events are not listed and can be found on our Event Calendar. Please confirm all information.

Apr 10 - Town Meeting at TC5
Apr 22 - Apr 24 - Convention Atlantic City
May 1 - Emergent FC Degree
May 17 - Spring Yard Sale
Sep 27 - Fall Yard Sale

Past Masters Night

Honoring the Past Masters of Hightstown-Apollo Lodge

The Scottish

The Past Masters of the Hightstown-Apollo Lodge are honored at a dinner reception at the Lodge

Who Could This Be??

Last seen leaving the Lodge in his Windstar with his pipe and smoking jacket to catch replays of Masterpice Theatre is which of our members? Where is he now?

Where is Bob Sullivan

What's For Dinner??

Why cook when you can enjoy our Lodge cuisine. Chef Mike pictured below with his working tools will be cooking up a storm.

Mike the chef is cooking tonight

Freemasons in the Community

Children's Book Illustrator Lorraine Dey displays how she develops characters for her children's books during a hosting of the Cranbury Golden Agers Club at the Hightstown-Apollo Lodge

Illustrator Lorraine Dey Creates a Character for her books

Ducky Derby Day

Lodge members selling racing ducks at the Hightstown Fair


Why Study Masonic Ritual
Why study masonic ritual and how to do it. The benefits, tips and tricks.
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What Happens After the Application
What's the next step to membership after the application?
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